Manage your staging environments right from Slack

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Manage your staging environments

Find out if a staging environment is currently being used

Register yourself as the current user of an environment

See an overview of all your environments

Track environment usage

Receive messages on status change of each environment



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Managing environments from home view

All environments of your workspace will be listed in the home tab. If you don't see StagingBot in your apps (bottom-left part of slack) click browse apps and search for "Staging".

You can click "Use" or "Free up" buttons to set or remove yourself as the user of an environment, respectively.

Managing environments with slash commands

You can interact with the staging app just by typing /staging in any Slack channel or direct message. A response from staging bot will be sent to you privately meaning it will be only visible to you. A list of available slash commands are listed below.

Command Description
/staging create [name] Create a new environment with name [name]
/staging use [name] Assign yourself as the current user of [name] environment
/staging free [name] Mark [name] environment as free
/staging delete [name] Delete environment with name [name]
/staging list List all environments and see their availability
/staging delete-my-data Permanently delete your personal data

Receiving notifications from the staging app

If you would like to be notified when when an event occurs in a staging environment, you can invite Staging Bot to a channel. After that the bot will send notification on the following events

When you no longer want the bot to send notifications to a channel, simply remove the bot from that channel.